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Lewes Round Table Raft Race Returns For 2019

Lewes Round Table's annual Raft Rac...

Lewes Round Table's annual...

Lewes Round Table's annual Raft Race returns for 2019   This is a ...

Lewes Round Table's annual Raft Rac... Lewes Round Table's annual... Lewes Round Table's annual Raft Race returns for 2019   This is a ...

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General information

What is round table? Round Table is a fun, networking and community organisation for men between 18 and 45. The name "Round Table" comes from a speech made to the British Industries Fair in 1927 by the then Prince of Wales 'The young business and professional men of this country must get together round the table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times and wherever possible, improve them'. The phrase "adopt, adapt, improve" is a key facet of the organisation, and is often seen on Round Table literature. What do we do? Alcester Round Table tends to get together about twice a month. For example in 2013 this has included learning self defence, playing cricket versus other Tables, hosting a pig roast at Alcester Street Market, meeting for a beer at the Hollybush, having a go at archery and wine tasting in Stratford. What is the community aspect? What matters to Alcester "Tablers" is getting involved in our local community and making a difference while having a good time. There's no obligation to commit a certain amount of time, our members come along when they are free. We tend to do about 4 community events per year (the santa run, the pig roasts and helping the town out with things like the food festival). Money we raise through these events is then given to local organisations like Alcester first responders, brownies and the local schools. What does it cost to be a Round Table member? To run the infrastructure nationally of Round Table, insure our events and manage our PR we pay £10 per month. Round Table has negotiated nationally some excellent discounts with high street brands which means its straight forward to get this £10 back through discounts on things we were going to buy anyway. Can I come along and meet you to find out more without obligation? Yes, come along to something we are doing, meet our members and find out more without obligation. What does it feel like to be a Round Table member? Ive been in Round Table for 12 years and in that time Ive been lucky enough to try things ranging from safari in South Africa, to Le Mans 24 hour rally in France to speaking at a civic reception with the Mayor of Birmingham. I've also probably had about 500 trips to the pub where we tend to spend a fair bit of time discussing what we plan to do next! I think being in Alcester Round Table is a bit like having about 15 older brothers. (I have an older brother). They get you into all sorts of scrapes, introduce you to all sorts of experiences, but most importantly they are always there for you when you need them. These people become your friends, often our partners socialse as well and it means you have a strong contact list across the Alcester, Bidford, Studley and Stratford district. (Which is the area Alcester Round Table covers) Final thoughts? Have a look at the photos and events on our facebook page. See the smiling faces and fun we have. If you would like to widen your social circle, occasionally give something back to the community and develop a strong network of contacts locally then get in touch. In the last few years we have welcomed 10 new members to Alcester Round Table so we are a growing organisation that would love to see you. To find out more please drop David Plumb an email at [email protected]

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Alcester and Stratford District Round Table
B49 5QX
Meet time: 2nd and 4th Wed. 7.30 for 8.00pm.

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